Friday, August 22, 2014

What's in your Closet?

Depending on how much of a wardrobe you may have would dictate the closet arrangement best for you.  Closets today can be behind a couple of bi-fold or sliding doors or could be as big as a bedroom. Before consigning for a closet there are some things to consider.  Drawer stacks are a very useful component to have if you don’t have enough drawers in your bedroom.  Drawers conceal socks and underwear that are conveniently available while dressing.

This is the story of Aggie’s closet. She and Von have been alone for over 10 years and have decided to stay in their home.  With that in mind we took the neighboring bedroom and created a Master Bath suite for them.  This included a custom walk-in closet and elegant master bath with shower, bath, and johhny room. 
The closet served both of them so it was vital to keep a masculine/feminine aspect to the cabinetry.  While laying out the rooms it was important that they both have input on the amount of space each one required.  Knowing that she had more ‘stuff’ than he did it was apparent that most of the closet would store women’s clothing. 

He had more sporting attire.  The drawer space was particularly important for him to be able to separate his golfing socks, shoes and outerwear, while not needing the suits, ties and slacks like he needed before.  However, he did need shelving for his hats and belts that were still part of everyday life.  Several short hanging rods were provided but mostly shelves for his folded shirts and shorts.

She, of course, still needed long hanging, and shelving for purses and her many shoes.  While the layout incorporated more design than they expected, it also provided a valet area for his watches, etc, she was in love with the ladies valet supported by 2 stacks of drawers.  The mirror and inset lighting above was perfect for donning jewelry and other adornments.

Whether a room closest, walk-in closet or a straight line closet, when thinking about your new closet layout make a list of all the things you do in a normal day and incorporate areas to accommodate those routines.  The closet is all about you and making you just a little more comfortable and everything convenient for your lifestyle.

It’s all about your private space.

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